Unemployed youth with Grade 10,ABET Or Grade 12 Needed At Pelonomi Tertiary Hospital

CLOSING DATE : 03 December 2018

SALARY : R96 549 per annum (Level 02)
CENTRE : Pelonomi Tertiary Hospital, Bloemfontein


ABET. Must be able to read or write.

Recommendation: None.

DUTIES : Empty dustbin. Wash crockery and cutlery of Component and officials. Dust furniture. Vacuum carpets. Sweep offices / wards. Washing floors, windows, doors and walls with disinfectant. Clean spillage on floors, walls, equipment and furniture, take off curtains, wash and hang back. Clean bed wheels, frames and lockers.
Clean, scrub and maintain corridors. Clean sluice room. Clean bedpans, urinals and sputum mugs, wash basins clean, dust and maintain al offices, bathrooms and toilets, wards, theatres, mortuary, boardrooms, waiting areas, clinics, kitchen and fridge, stores, pharmacy, linen rooms, ICU’s, Renal unit, staircases, entrance, residences, polish furniture, refill toilet paper holders, soap holders and disinfectant, place water and crockery on bedside tables, clean meeting venues.

ENQUIRIES : Mr. LB Aaron Tel No: 051 405 1788 / Me. MD Nophale, Tel No: 051 405 1726 / U1788.
APPLICATIONS : applications to be sent to: Pelonomi Tertiary Hospital, (Contact person: Mr LB
Aaron) Private Bag x20581, Bloemfontein, 9300. Hand deliver at Pelonomi
Hospital, Bloemfontein.

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